Grange Photos by Lee Ann Martin


Thanks for a Successful Blood Drive!

Thank you for participating in a very successful Red Cross Blood Drive on July 30th! We had over 35 donors – which was over 100% of our goal for this drive. Your willingness to donate helps to SAVE LIVES!

We are especially thankful for our July volunteers:

Lee Ann Martin, coordinator

Ann Fox & Hazel Hassig, greeters

Jimmy Leslie & Cassandra Huston, high school volunteers

Becky Summers, cookie angel

Brad White, table and chair wrangler

Save the Date: Our tentative date for the next drive is Thursday, January 28, 2016.

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Meals on Wheels: Volunteer or Sign Up

We are laying the groundwork for a new missional project at Westfield by working with Meals on Wheels to expMOW_Logo 2and their distribution to North Beaver and Little Beaver townships…including Bessemer.

Westfield will be the hub from which the distribution takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Teams deliver two meals to recipients each delivery day. One hot meal and one bag lunch. Training will be provided.

If you would consider volunteering one day a week please fill out the information below. Please prayerfully consider offering 2-3 hours a week for this important ministry. It is one more way we can serve our community.

If you or someone you know would like to receive a meal, let us know and we’ll give you more information. Cost of meals is $6.00 per day.


Luncheon Honors Volunteers on April 19

PrintA spring luncheon is planned after worship on Sunday, April 19. We will celebrate and thank all the men, women, and kids who “spring” into action and volunteer their time and talents at Westfield. Chicken salad sandwiches and dessert will be provided by the Discipleship & Membership Committee. Please bring your table service and a salad or side dish to share.

Blankets for Babies

A huge thank you to all the participants in our 2015 Blankets for Babies project! We completed a total of 125 receiving blankets for the clinic in Langano, Ethiopia and 31 crib blankets for the Nurse-Family Partnership in New Castle.

Take a look at some photos from the event:

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What is Westfield Church?


What is Westfield Church? A loving, hardworking church family! The board of deacons extends a heartfelt THANK-YOU for your overwhelming support of the monthly free community meal. Approximately 50 volunteers worked to plan, shop, prep, cook, set- up, greet, serve, bus tables, wash dishes, and clean up the kitchen and dining hall for about 140 guests for a total of almost 190 meals being served. Thank you for your generous help and monetary donations.

−Westfield Deacons

A Little Help From Our Friends

Our nursery needs to be a clean, attractive, and welcoming place for children. On Saturday, March 14, at 9:00 a.m., a few of our friends are getting together to clean the Westfield nursery. We will be washing, sanitizing, sorting and organizing. If you can spare an hour or two of your time, we’d love you to join us! Please contact the church office for more information.nursery_4070c3_web


by David Champ, Director of Youth and Family Ministries

There is a lot of modern philosophy out there that suggests all this life is good for is your own happiness. Truth is then defined by emotions, not by Scriptural teachings. Our culture runs rampant with this idea. Obviously, this is in direct contrast to God’s way. We see examples of what Hedonism can lead to in the Garden and in the life of King David.

In Genesis 3 we read that the Serpent challenged Eve on the grounds of God’s Word. He was able to twist it and convince her that what she really wants is to be like God and put her interests ahead of serving the Lord. Both she and Adam bit the apple from the one tree they were not supposed to and inflicted humanity with a fatal disease. Because of their sin, we all received the condemnation from the Lord “from dust you came, and to dust you shall return.” (Gen. 3:19) So the pursuit of happiness for Adam and Eve did not result in the happiness they were looking for, but in death.

Much is the same of King David’s desire for Bathsheba. In 2 Samuel 11, we see that David witnesses Bathsheba bathing and desires her. He sends for her, sleeps with her, and ends up impregnating her. Through a course of unfortunate events, David sends Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, to be killed on the front lines. Not only does Uriah die, but some innocent soldiers and eventually the child of David as well. Again, the pursuit of happiness ends in death.

If we take the example of Christ we see a different result. What is Christ seeking to do? Live a happy life? No. Instead, according to Philippians 2, He seeks the betterment of mankind. In doing so, it gets Him killed, yet it ironically ends up in life. So what we can glean from the life of Christ is that by dying to oneself, giving up what we desire, it leads to life. What Scripture teaches is that the pursuit of one’s own gain leads to death, and the pursuit of serving others leads to life. Yes, this is very counter-cultural. But it does make sense given the witness of Christ. Each of us are called in Philippians 2 to follow His example and serve others. I challenge each of you to think creatively about how to serve your family first, then your neighbors and in doing so, breathe life into them by the power of the Spirit.