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Loose Change Offering on June 12

Loose Change Offering – June 12. Bring all your loose change to church and help the mission team. We have 18 youth who are ready to stack and wrap all that coin, knowing that it will help to take them on a mission trip of love and Christian fellowship working with African refugees.


by David Champ, Director of Youth and Family Ministries There is a lot of modern philosophy out there that suggests all this life is good for is your own happiness. Truth is then defined by emotions, not by Scriptural teachings. Our culture runs rampant with this idea. Obviously, this is in direct contrast to God’s […]

Center-focused Spirituality The Seventh Core Value

by Rev. Paul Votaw In recent months my newsletter articles have focused on the core values of our denomination. So far we have addressed the first six core values. Jesus-shaped Identity, Biblical Integrity, Thoughtful Theology, Accountable Community, Egalitarian Ministry, and Missional Centrality. The seventh core value is Center-focused Spirituality. In center-focused spirituality “we believe in […]